Capital Advisors


Our equity solutions include:

  1. Raising Private Equity/Venture Funding/Angel Funding
  2. Mobilizing equity through the QIP route
  3. Mobilizing equity through IPO/FPO/Rights Issues
  4. Consolidating/restructuring Promoters' holding
  5. Mobilizing equity through FCCBs
  6. Mobilizing equity through GDRs
  7. Acquisition financing

Stage wise Fund-Raising :

  1. Start up : Financing the support the development of the product or marketing strategy.
  2. Early Stage : Financing during the early stages of company development for companies who have not yet reached breakeven point.
  3. Growth Stage : Aims to support the growth of an established company, such as its international expansion, the increase of its production capacity or the development of a new product or service.