Strugence Sustainable Venture (SSV) helps companies in deploying their Corporate Social Responsibility Fund as mandated by New Company Act in a more sustainable manner.Through our innovative "impact investing" strategy, Strugence Sustainable Venture is committed to deploying CSRFunds in Sustainable Projects - to make a meaningful impact that transforms disadvantaged communities. SSV provides metrics driven impact projects to the companies who seek to invest in a manner that it provides Social as well as financial returns so that projects are self-sustainable in long run.


Strugence ashray Fund SSV presents Strugence Ashray Fund, a SEBI registered Category-I Social Venture Fund, which will leverage the firm's expertise, experience and resources to deploy capital toward the physical, social and economic revitalization of disadvantaged communities. It will offer an investment strategy that addresses social challenges, seeks to provide a financial return, and has the potential to mobilize new sources of private capital into the social impact investing field.