Capital Advisors


Companies constantly rethink their growth strategies and use alternatives sources of funds in order to achieve a dominant position in the global markets. We respond to these challenges, helping its clients redefine growth strategies for their companies through M&A, identifying the best solutions to raise capital.


We strategise M&A as follows :

  1. Management Buyout : Acquisition of a company by its management team or be its minority shareholders, with the help of external financing partners, such as PE fund.
  2. Management Buy-in : Acquisition of a company by an external management team, with the help of external financing partners, as PE funds.
  3. Buy-in Management Buyout : Combination of above two.
  4. Owners Buyout : Buyout in which some of the executive shareholders of the companies business areas or the whole company itself from other shareholders, strengthening their position with the support of financing reports.
  5. Leverage Buyout : Acquisition of a company, incurring a high-level of debt.

Fund-Raising :

  1. Start up : Financing the support the development of the product or marketing strategy.
  2. Early Stage : Financing during the early stages of company development for companies who have not yet reached breakeven point.
  3. Expansion : Aims to support the growth of an established company, such as its international expansion, the increase of its production capacity or the development of a new product or service.