Contemporary & Emergent challenges in today's business environment have caused the manifestation of multiple needs in financial services and advisory. Withapanorama of diverse yet deep and mature experience within its Leadership and Executive Teams, Strugence has configured a bouquet of expertise offerings which work with wisdom and precision in delivering optimum solutions to Clients.


We have four major offerings -

  1. Capital Advisory dedicated to provide optimum debt, equity or specialised structured solutions and syndicate client financials.
  2. Investment Advisory dedicated to provide asset management solutions providing investors opportunities to grow their capital whilst mentoring enterprises.
  3. Expert advisory on conceiving as well as evaluating sustainabilityin social enterprises. Assisting and mentoring Corporates for management and optimal deployment of CSR Funds in sustainable ventures for ensuring best impact.
  4. Online Business Platforms built on state of art technology and dedicated to provide Internet Enabled Financial Services so that opportunities can be sourced and leveraged by investors & enterprises with comfort, convenience, transparency and accuracy.